A Guide To Our Process

Unlike broker-based third party logistics companies, RedStone Logistics is a solutions-based 3PL. This means we analyze the most important aspects of your business to determine how we can help you improve efficiency and cut costs. We do this through a process we call "R.A.I.N": Research, Analyze, Innovate, and Normalize.



Before we do anything, we want to get to know you. We’ll assess your current operation to find what areas of the supply chain need improvement.


Now that we’ve identified pain points and process inefficiencies, a value hypothesis begins to emerge. We will identify the root causes of your supply chain issues and begin to design an action plan.


Our logistics experts will design a customized solution based on what we’ve learned about how you do business. We’ll show you every step necessary to innovate your supply chain and we will work side by side with you.


Now it’s time to implement your new supply chain solution. Our custom-tailored solution provides robust reporting and gives you fresh technology for you and your team to utilize moving forward.