Focused on providing solutions
across the globe

Whether your supply chain is simple or complex, we have the talent to make your operation run more effectively, and at a lower cost. The leadership at RedStone Logistics has extensive experience managing supply chains around the world. RedStone brings expertise and experience to you as an extension of your logistics department.
Our philosophy is that our people really do make the difference. Our goal is to hire the very best talent in the industry, give them the tools to be successful, and then dedicate them to creating value for each of our clients.”

97% client retention

We have never lost a client due to our performance or support. Using our expertise, system enhancements, and rate leverage, we will become your trusted resource for shipping.

It pays to be efficient

79% of companies with high performing supply chains achieve revenue growth greater than the average within their industries -Learning Hub

Our Focus


What would it feel like to have freedom from the monotonous activities tying you down? Automating routine processes frees up your time to focus on more important tasks. We assist with automation by providing you with customized technology solutions and transportation solutions.


Our passion for driving supply chain efficiency helps you gain additional long-term results. We take the time to get to know you and your business thoroughly so we can streamline every aspect of your transportation logistics with a personal touch.


While others focus almost solely on rates, RedStone leverages our knowledge and relationships to provide sustainable results that last for years past the initial rate reductions.

Our Process

As a top logistics provider, we create value by focusing on strategic procurement, process design and automation, data and information management, and continuous improvement. After we optimize your supply chain logistics, our dedicated team ensures on-time delivery and pick-up of shipments and simplified claims management.


We start with a quick discovery meeting between your team and our supply chain engineers so that we can understand your business, your client demands, and your challenges.

Supply Chain Analysis

In this stage, we start the heavy lifting. Our data driven engineering team analyzes your information and builds it into our modeling programs, giving us visibility into your supply chain performance.

Benchmarking Analysis

We look at the best performing supply chains to guide our benchmarking analysis. We first compare their processes and costs to yours, then we compare those statistics to market norms to pin-point opportunities for improvement.

Value Assessment and Implementation

Our final value assessment illustrates the possibilities and shows you how much you can improve your bottom line by streamlining your logistics. Included is a complete analysis of your company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within your logistics processes. Then, it is followed by a detailed approach to integrate business functions and execution.