Reduce your
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When you choose RedStone Logistics to handle your parcel shipping, you gain top-of-the-line industry expertise from our dedicated team. We work together to bring you the best rates with the highest quality parcel carriers.

The team is comprised of industry experts from across the inbound and outbound logistics - over 250 years of combined experience. Our former FedEx, UPS, LTL and 3PL pricing managers & executives provide the turnkey solutions you need to significantly reduce supply chain costs.
This is an unprecedented market. You need an unprecedented partner.

Reduce your shipping spend up to 30% when you optimize your contract

Step 1: Invoice Evaluation

Our consulting team conducts a thorough analysis of your entire shipping profile and proven processes with an emphasis on discovering cost-saving opportunities. We find hidden costs, pinpoint core issues, and help you set clear expectations for fair payment and services.

Step 2: We advise you on how to renegotiate your carrier contract

Our shipping audit software checks each shipment for 65 points of failure, any one of which can grant you a full refund.

Step 3: Start Saving!

Incorrect charges are refunded and credited directly back to your account. No work is required on your end.

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RedStone Logistics can:

✓ Help you reduce your company’s shipping costs up to 30%

✓ Optimize your business without risk and interruptions to your daily operations

✓ Transform your shipping and logistics operations into a profit center

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is customized for you and dependent on factors like shipping spend and package volume. We partner with small and large businesses alike and work closely with you to develop a package that fits your needs. Most plans operate on gainshare pricing, meaning we pay ourselves with a portion of the recovered shipping costs – no out of pocket costs and guaranteed, fixed returns!

Do you audit small parcel carriers besides UPS and FedEx?

Right now, connecting your account to our UPS audit and FedEx audit software can be done in a snap and setup only takes a few minutes. We also have the capability to audit DHL invoices with some considerations. Speak to a Shipware representative today to learn more about our DHL audit.

Will I need to switch carrriers?

If you want to retain your current carrier, Shipware will help you negotiate the best possible rates with them. However, there can be advantages to switching primary carriers, diversifying your carrier mix, or shifting all your volume to a single provider. Our LTL & parcel shipping consulting team will model all possible scenarios for you while empowering you to make an informed decision based on comprehensive analytics.

Will this affect my carrier relationship?

Shipware works with you behind the scenes, providing the necessary data, analyses, templates, and language to ensure you present yourself like an industry expert and crush your next negotiation. Because our partnership is kept completely confidential, your carrier will never know you’re working with Shipware. You’ll never see a Parcel or LTL Contract Optimization customer logo or name on our site because helping our customers succeed is our top priority.

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