In partnership with Util Auditors, we not only identify savings in your supply chain, but across other key expense categories in your business!

Util Auditors reviews and recovers what’s yours. For over a decade, they have perfected the process of identifying and correcting errors and inefficiencies through billing and contract review. Their methodical delivery of results using their proprietary technology has made them the “go-to” solution for leading Fortune and Forbes businesses, as well as mid-market organizations nationwide. Util Auditors operates on a performance-based revenue model; meaning nothing saved equals nothing owed. Completely risk free!


Utility auditing is where Util Auditors got their start, and it’s still a crucial component to their business process. Unbeknownst to most consumers, it’s estimated that 80% of utility and service billing statements contain errors. By assessing your business’ past payments, contracts, agreements, and document history, they can find potential for savings and save your budget major issues.

  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Water & Sewer
  • Other Commercial Fuels



Util Auditors is capable of auditing your internal and external business relationships and documents, including services contracted out to third-party providers. Everything from waste removal to shipping/freight transport agreements has the potential to be better revised and polished to maximize your business’ value.

  • IT – Hardware & Software
  • Shipping & Freight
  • Telcom & Wireless
  • Waste Removal


Internal financial provisions are consistent areas for lost gains by businesses across industries. Util Auditors find opportunities for savings or refunds within workers’ compensation agreements, retirement packages, and merchant processing practices, assuring businesses aren’t only budgeting efficiently but abiding by legal compliance standards along the way.

  • Bank Fees
  • Class Action Settlements
  • Merchant Processing
  • Virtual Card Platform



There are plenty of opportunities for financial savings outside of cutting your overhead costs. Util Auditor’s HR specialists can analyze your employee benefits, payroll rates, workers’ compensation premiums, and even your company’s 401k /403b plans, ensuring your HR expenses are optimized and business is protected.

  • 401(k) & 403(b) Admin Fees
  • Dependent Eligibility Verification
  • Health Insurance & Employee Benefits
  • Payroll
  • Workers Compensation

Please complete the form below and select the expense reduction areas you are interested in. A Util Auditors representative will reach out verify your information and answer any questions you may have.

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