Non-monetized and many times informal partnerships with no papered agreement.

Alliance Partner

Partner where we develop an integration between our platforms.

Technology Partner

Partner owns cost of sale and drives sales process, often under their name.

Value-Added Reseller (VAR)

RedStone owns cost of sale and drives sales process & pays referral commissions.

Referral Partner

Our TMS streamlines invoicing and billing processes, reducing administrative tasks and improving accuracy.

Invoicing & Billing

RedStone NOW provides analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing users to track key performance metrics and make data-driven decisions.

Analytics & Reporting

RedStone NOW can automate routine tasks, such as scheduling pickups and deliveries, tracking shipments, reducing manual work, and improving efficiency.

Automated Workflows

Our TMS allows users to manage carriers and select the best options for each shipment based on factors such as cost, capacity, and transit time.

Carrier Management

Our shipment rates consistently beat out those of our competitors by a wide margin. Compare and see for yourself.

Aggressive Rates

When an employee delivers a qualifying lead, and it is won, the agency receives a 10% revenue share of that lead. It’s as simple as that; Everybody wins.

How does a staffing agency get paid?