Parcel Services

When you choose RedStone Logistics to handle your parcel shipping, you also gain the benefit of the expertise from our expert analysts. We work together to bring you the best rates with the highest quality carriers. The team is comprised of industry experts from across the Shipping & Logistics space -- over 250 years of combined experience. Our former FedEx, UPS, LTL and 3PL pricing managers and executives provide all the knowledge and, importantly, leverage you need to significantly lighten your shipping costs.

Parcel & Freight Contract Negotiation

We begin with a complimentary assessment of your distribution profile, studied within the context of your carrier pricing program. Once our pricing experts have analyzed your data and contract terms, we’ll benchmark your rates. We reveal where you’re overspending, where you’ve hit the mark, and develop a step-by-step strategy, equipping you with the tools necessary to successfully negotiate improved rates while condensing your time-to-savings. While attaining savings requires no operational disruptions or carrier changes, additionally, we’ll assess the value of weekly auditing and quantify potential savings through the USPS and regional carriers.

Our Contract Optimization Process

Reduce your shipping spend up to 30% when you optimize your contract

Step 1: Invoice Evaluation

We conduct a thorough analysis of your entire shipping profile with an emphasis on pinpointing cost-saving opportunities.



Step 2: We Advise You On How To Renegotiate Your Carrier Contract

Once we determine what your ideal terms and rates look like, our shipping consultants guide you through the proposal process, doing all the legwork for you

Step 3: Start Saving!

An intangible product is a product that can only be perceived indirectly such as an insurance policy.




Parcel & Freight Audit Software

Our technology provides weekly audit of your carrier invoice to recover refunds on all billing errors. Our cloud-based reporting platform delivers powerful analytics for greater spend management visibility, empowering clients to make intelligent cost-saving transportation decisions.

Parcel Pay

Carrier payments can be a hassle for accounts payable professionals at companies that ship across multiple accounts and/or carriers. Shippers can receive several invoices through a day, due dates vary, and invoices can change due to refund credits, resulting in under- or over-payments from mistimed reconciliation. Shipware lifts the burden from A/P team by managing the consolidation of and payment of all your carrier invoices.

Features & Benefits

Accurate, On-time Payments

We reconcile your invoices against guaranteed service refunds and credits to ensure you don’t over- or under-pay your carriers.


Fast Onboarding, an Expedited Approval Process

Getting started on our Parcel Pay Platform is a breeze and, aside from being faster and more efficient, there’s no change to your current approval processes.

Complete Visibility

No hidden fees or surcharges and our team delivers reconciliation reports confirming proper payment has been issued and received.



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